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The Paiter Suruí indigenous people are originally from South America and speak the Tupi-mondé language. They have 30 villages with approximately 1,900 people and live in the Sete de Setembro Territory, which has 248,146.9286 hectares.

"Paiter" means "Human Being" and "Suruí" was a name given by anthropologists."We want to create a sustainable life model within an indigenous territory. We love the forest, and the forest loves us" - Paiter Surui.

The Paiter Suruí People want to create a new economic model within the Amazon, a totally sustainable and autonomous model to be an example of territorial management for other peoples and communities. How? By preserving the rights of future generations to an ecologically balanced environment, an asset for everyday use by the people and essential to a healthy quality of life. The State and the community have the duty to defend and preserve it for present and future generations.

One of its first actions in creating this new economic model is to work on the co-design of its social currency, whose chosen name is PAITER COIN, and will be represented by the symbol PTR.

Learn more about the history of the Paiter Suruí people at:


The Paiter people face many challenges, such as: (1) the Protection of the Forest, Biodiversity, Rivers, Springs, and the Indigenous Territory; (2) the Autonomy and independence of its People, (3) the Construction of an autonomous economic cycle within the territory, among many others. And to face these and other challenges, it outlined some objectives for the use of social currency:

- Increase the number of cooperative people in the community;
- Increase participation in cooperatives and village activities;
- Develop tourism in the community;
- Help with the organization of the village, whether participating in a cooperative, tourism, or the production of handicrafts.
- Create an interest-free, revolving loan model that can encourage indigenous entrepreneurs to develop an ecologically correct activity within the territory

How does it work

People can get PTR as follows:

1 - Being part of the community;
2 - Inviting new people to join the community;
3 - Carrying out the proposed actions within the platform, some of them are:

- I'm helping the cooperative with an activity;
- I'm helping with the village cleaning effort;
- I am a member, and I work in tourism activities;
- I am training myself to improve my tourist service;
- I'm exhibiting my handicrafts in the tourist shop.

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