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Coopeborbón is a cooperative formed by all the “trameros” (stall owners) from Mercado Borbón, which is  the oldest market in San José, and the first owned by a cooperative in Latin America.
This market was previously owned by the Borbón family (hence its name) and when the father died, the children decided to sell the market. Many investors were interested on the real estate value of the property, but no one was looking at the intricate social and livelihood network that the market represented. For this reason, the trameros decided to get together, form a cooperative and bid for buying the market, with the fortune that they managed to get a loan to complete the purchase. 
Currently the cooperative is innovating and catching up with current trends, such as offering online shopping and working on creating a currency that helps them improve their trameros business capacities, promote cooperative identity and incentivize exchanges among the different business within the market.

Incentivize cooperative member to attend training on business management and cooperative principles.

How does it work
Every time a cooperative member arrives on time and stays throughout the whole training, s/he receives Borboins which can be used for exchanges among them.