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New Organizations for the planet regeneration
Cambiatus is an open source platform to empower the creation of new organizations, through Social Currencies on Blockchain
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New Organizations?
New types of organizations are emerging, in which providers and users of products and services benefit and work together. Imagine that these organizations are enhanced cooperatives that use social currencies and technologies like blockchain to organize and achieve their common social and environmental goals.

Watch this useful video on Social Currencies and Blockchain, presented by Karla Córdoba Brenes, at the TEDx Pura Vida 2019.
Learn a little more about the work we do and how we impact people's lives and the world. We work with civil society organizations, companies or groups that have a strong network of stakeholders, a team with management and promotion skills, clear objectives and aligned with our main areas of work and that have experience or are open to digital solutions.
Our Numbers
Mapa das regiões de atuação da Cambiatus. Apresenta as comunidades ativas, representada pelas bandeiras amarelas, e suas respectivas localizações, assim como as comunidades piloto, representadas pelas bandeiras azuis, e suas localizações
Cambiatus has trained more than 60 social entrepreneurs (54% women and 46% men) from 6 countries and 4 continents, who have invested nearly 2,000 hours of learning with us, imagining and co-creating complementary currencies for their communities.
The earnings and transactions of complementary currencies occur through the exchange of products and services, and through positive actions that support various community objectives such as: small businesses, recycling, cultural production and environmental regeneration.
Total Positive Actions
Total Transactions
Our Stories
Watch the videos created by the communities, sharing their stories and reporting how Cambiatus works together with them in building financial resilience through an alternative economy.
First communities around the World
Today, 6 communities and more than 5.000 people are building their economic resilience, building on abundance and transforming their realities, thanks to their own complementary currencies created with the Cambiatus technology and methodology.
Sistema Natus
Brazil & Global
Costa Rica
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Montes de Oca, Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica
All Communities
Meet the Team
We are a distributed team working from Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada and Sweden
Karla Córdoba Brenes
Ranulfo P. Sobrinho
Julien Lucca
Helton Ramos
Luiz Hadad
Diana Adachi
Alvaro Cedeno
All Team
Our Partners
From 2018 to 2021 Cambiatus has been funded by Shuttleworth Foundation, a social investor who supports dynamic leaders at the forefront of social change. Cambiatus was also one of the selected projects for at Singularity University Ventures incubator in 2017. Cambiatus in the Shapers category on Blockchain for Humanity Awards 2019 and was a finalist for the TTI Impact Awards 2021 Financial Services Category.
Funded by
Shuttleworth Foundation
Accelerated by
Singularity University
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