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Despite marketing itself as a green destination, Costa Rica is one of the countries that consumes the highest amount of agrochemicals per hectare in the world. Sadly, these substances are linked to many illnesses (ex. cancer) and environmental disruptions (ex. water pollution) that affect mainly rural communities. 
Happily, there are farmers making an effort to produce healthy and delicious food without using unnecessary agrochemicals. Coopeorgánicos Brunca R.L. is a coop of organic producers in the south region of Costa Rica (Brunca region), composed of 35 organic and in transition farms. They aim to produce organic fruit and vegetables for their families and communities at a fair price, without charging more to clients only for having the organic label. Recently, they established a weekly farmer’s market in Pérez Zeledón, which has had a very warm welcome from the community. 

Encourage clients to purchase organic products for their daily consumption;
Promote the transition into organic agriculture among farmers that have not yet done the change.

How does it work
Every time that clients make a purchase of a certain value in the farmer’s market they receive Organicoins, which later they can redeem for more products or discounts. Also, clients can earn Organicoins by doing other actions, such as going to the fair every week and bringing their own bags and containers.