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Monteverde, Costa Rica
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Monteverde is a city in Costa Rica well known for its beautiful cloud forests and strong culture, which was chosen by a group of 12 US quaker families as their home, back in the 60s, for a very good reason: Costa Rica has no army. 

With its pacifist and environmentally conscious roots, Monteverde is now the home of Verdes, a social currency that promotes conscious green actions and rewards volunteering, while re-activating the local economy despite the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemics in tourism, the main source of economic activity in the region.


Verdes aims to:

1. Strengthening the local economy, by promoting exchanges between its members;
2. Rewarding environmental actions and volunteering;
3. Increasing economic resilience.

How does it work

You can get Verdes by:

1. Joining the community on Cambiatus
2. Walking or biking to work,  instead of driving your car 
3. Installing a recharging point for green vehicles on your business
4. Contributing to the local compost program
5. Decreasing your water consumption
6. Volunteering for an hour with a local organization
7. Participating in local events like workshops
8. Offering a product or service on Verdes online shop or during the biweekly Saturday Fair 
9. VERDES refounds in the amount donated to support the community  

Community Events
Verdes Fair

Learn about our community's experience acquiring local products using only GREEN, Monteverde's social currency, at the fairs that we hold every fortnight.

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