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The Natus System of Environmental Cryptoassets is an innovative initiative that brings together entrepreneurs, owners of Private Environmental Reserves (PPA) and people who usethe best of blockchain technology to strengthen the global PPA network.

Environmental cryptoassets are digital items created with the support of blockchain technology to strengthen environmental conservation.


1. Help owners of private environmental conservation areas to improve their properties so that the biodiversity and ecosystem services that these properties generate are perpetuated for future generations;

2. Generate multiple benefits for its participants by contributing to nature conservation;

3. Strengthen networks of private conservation areas in Brazil and around the world through incentive mechanisms for both individual and networked reserves.

How does it work

The crypto assets of the Natus System are:

1. Natus Unit: Digital certificates that represent the environmental benefits generated by PPAs in a given period;
2. Natuscoin: Cryptocurrencies;
3. Natus NFT: Pieces of art in the form of non-fungible tokens representing each collection

Currently we have 5 Pioneering private reserves of the Natus System (Brazil):

1. Giant do Itaguaré
2. Neivo Pires
3. The Figueira
4. Site Bons Amigos
5. Morro das Aranhas