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Bonito, Brazil
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Community stages
Natus is an innovative initiative that brings together entrepreneurs, impact investors, RPPN (Private Natural Heritage Reserves) owners, and environmental conservationists using the best of technology to fund the conservation of our natural heritage.
At this early stage, NatusCoin's focus is on the Brazilian network of private reserves such as RPPNs. Subsequently, the system will be extended to the international scale of private reserves.

Help owners of private environmental conservation areas to improve their properties so that the biodiversity and ecosystem services that these properties generate are perpetuated for future generations.

Generate multiple benefits for its participants by contributing to nature conservation.

Strengthen networks of private conservation areas in Brazil and around the world through incentive mechanisms for both individual and networked reserves.

How does it work
The three environmental crypto assets that make up the NatusCoin system are:

Natus Point:  Natus serves as a complementary currency in establishments that accept it.
Natus Plus: is an environmental crypto asset that gives its bearer access to a basket of ecosystem services represented by Natus-U, which can be traded using reais, dollars, EOS, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
Natus Units: is a basket of ecosystem services (carbon fixation, biodiversity, water provision) provided by the reserves.

Note that in order to access Natus Units, investors need to have access to Natus Plus. In this case, the Natus plus serves as a crypto asset to access environmental benefits.