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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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In Brazil, cultural and artistic activities are experiencing lack of financial resources due to change of government, economic crisis and fiscal adjustment. Rio de Janeiro, in particular, faces challenges because the 3 spheres of public power are cutting resources from cultural activities (municipal, state and federal governments).

We believe that the community of artists and cultural producers can, by means of their own social currency, change this reality by establishing value exchange among themselves, regardless of banks or governments, and allowing the circulation and exchange of small and medium sized artistic expressions that currently have no space for their  activities.

Fund artists, cultural producers an environmental causes;
Promote the exchange of services and products;
Co-create responsible events;
Incentivize people to have conscious actions;

How does it work
The following actions are rewarded with MUDA:
- Join the network and encourage others to join
- Practice conscious actions, such as: meditating for 20 minutes, a day without eating meat or a day at home during the covid-19 pandemic
- collaborate with a project or action of the network
- promote sales and purchases using muda, and accept MUDA in their business
- MUDA refounds in the amount donated for supported;

Community Events

Magikk Muda: An awakening to new economies
Karla Cordoba explains blockchain and talks about the importance of complementary currencies to create resilient economic systems.
September 22, 2020

Collaborative Economy for Prosperity.
Karla Córdoba, Luiz Hadad and Autumn Penaloza (Sense Chat) talk about how to use collaborative economies towards prosperity, presenting use cases from Cambiatus, Muda and Sense Chat.
June 29, 2020

Festival Águas Vivas - 3º Edition
Karla Cordoba, Helena Stewart and Katiucha Watuze talk about social currencies, multidimensional wealth and reimagining our relationship with money. Moderated by Luiz Hadad.
June 08, 2020

MUDA Picadeiro Digital.
Luiz and Karla were invited to MUDA Picadeiro Digital.
Talk on Social Currencies and Cambiatus
April 26, 2020

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