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Cambiatus lo
Cambiuu enables social entrepreneurs to build collaborative businesses focused on Planetary regeneration.

Cambiuu is a pilot project designed to help social entrepreneurs and communities acquire the mindset, competences, and resources needed to build collaborative businesses whose wealth are measured both through the profit they generate as well as the positive impacts they have in the world. 

Unlike traditional business models governing universities, educational and capacity building institutions, Cambiuu will operate an innovative business model based on decentralization, collaboration, and transparency. Decision-making power is shared among its members and operationalized through smart contracts built on blockchain.So, Cambiuu is an improved form of cooperative co-owned by social entrepreneurs, facilitators, and investors that focuses on helping restore natural and social capital.

For its first pilot year, Cambiuu is attracting a group of ten entrepreneurs whose collaborative businesses will provide solutions in the areas of regenerative agriculture, environmental conservation, small businesses, culture, and financial inclusion.

How does it work?

Anyone interested in joining Cambiuu must have a good idea of what it is all is about, especially in regards to innovations in the three worlds Cambiuu is merging: education, regeneration, and digital technologies. So, social entrepreneurs start their journey with an onboarding phase where they begin the unlearning and relearning of a new mindset by exploring material developed or curated by Cambiuu and completing a series of short activities. At this phase, they are able to assess if their values align with Cambiuu values.

If they decide to join, we have a heart-to-heart meeting to provide additional information and ensure the candidate is prepared and aligned. Once they join Cambiuu, social entrepreneurs participate in transformative experiences, mentorship, and peer learning focused on mindset change and competency development. They receive a badge for the competencies they develop and, in the future, they might earn tokens for completing parts of the journey.

In the following phase social entrepreneurs co-design and launch their own collaborative businesses. They build their network, define problems and solutions, make decisions regarding business and governance models, and raise the funds. Businesses that have sound proposals, may receive seed money from Cambiuu.

Throughout this journey, social entrepreneurs develop competencies needed to launch collaborative businesses that are financially sustainable and successful in solving problems. These competencies include fundamental contextual knowledge and knowledge of digital technologies, both of which are always changing, as well as skills focused on individual wellbeing and teamwork that allow us to deal with changes.