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Pilot Communities

Costa Rica


A social currency to strengthen collaboration between "pulperías" (small community shops) in Costa Rica.  


Pulpes are earned by learning with EntrePulperos (Android, iOS) elearning app specially designed to share tips and knowledge to improve pulperías. More learning means more Pulpes available to exchange! 


Learn more about our Pilot Partner:

What is money? and how can we create new types of money to achieve our social and environmental goals?


Karla covered these topics and also explained how PULPES work, all these on an exciting stage:  TEDx Pura Vida in Costa Rica!



Sustainable Agriculture

Costa Rica is known as a green country but, sadly, also as one of the higher consumer of pesticides in the world. What would happen if we create a currency to connect sustainable agriculture champions with  the people? or to promote green certifications and traceability?


We are doing our homework and looking for potential partners to make it happen!